Privacy Policy

Sharing information

Mombasa Mist may share your information internally within the organisation and with our brands and subsidiaries.  Information will only be shared with third parties where explicit consent has been granted and for the purposes outlined.  Any personally identifiable information gathered by Mombasa Mist its brands and subsidiaries will be processed and stored in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018, and any other relevant legislation.  Where personally identifiable information is shared with third parties Mombasa Mist will undertake due diligence to ensure that it is transported, stored and processed in a way compliant with the GDPR and other relevant legislation.  Personally identifiable information will not be shared with third parties for the purposes of marketing.

How your information will be used

Information will be used solely for purposes indicated when collected, and for maintaining a contacts database for clients and service providers.  The minimum amount of data required will be collected and stored, and all data is destroyed within a specified time frame if project related, or within 2 years of last contact.

How your information is stored

Hexis Lab Ltd uses a cloud based processing and storage provider who is GDPR compliant.  Information stored has limited password secured access rights for employees and contractors within the company, and is granted on a case by case basis.  All employees and contractors are bound by the Mombasa Mist Data Protection Policy and Confidentiality Agreement.  Paper documents such as contracts and consents are secured in a locked storage facility within a secure room.

Subject Access Request

Anyone with information held by Mombasa Mist, for example; employee, former employee or customer/client is able to submit a Subject Access Request to: providing your full name, date of birth and both email, and home/business address and requesting your personally identifiable information.  This will be provided within 1 month of receipt of the request unless there are extenuating circumstances. 

Right to be forgotten

Anyone with information held by Mombasa Mist may request to be forgotten, and all personally identifiable records and information relating to that individual will be removed, however this may have implications on services provided.  If there are legal reasons to maintain records they cannot be destroyed and the individual will be informed when making request to be forgotten.


Mombasa Mist will endeavour to handle all complaints sensitively and expediate informal resolution as quickly as possible, please contacts our office in the first instance at  Resolving a complaint may be facilitated by engaging external mediation or arbitration.  Complainants also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).